In Italy, traditional antipasti platters are a rainbow of colour. From vibrant red peppers to deep black olives to green vegetables. And an array of authentic cheeses and cured meats, of course.

Antipasti is the first course for many meals and gatherings. It’s key to the way we love to eat – enjoying a little bit of everything Italian and sharing with our family and friends.

We’ve made it easy for you to complete your own impressive spread by selecting our favourite fresh ingredients, preparing them in season, and lightly marinating them in oil and herbs.

Sacla’: Make It Simple

Serve sun-dried tomatoes, chunky artichokes, or a tempting trio of red peppers. Or, like a true Italian, push the boat out and serve them all. Make sure you don’t forget the olives – choose from Taggiasche, Kalamata and Bella Di Cerignola.

Our Italian antipasti can also be the star of the show in a whole host of recipes. Try sun-dried tomatoes on pizza, pair artichokes with griddled courgettes and ricotta, and serve the trio of peppers with cod and prawn parcels.