Sol'Art Ceramiche

Sol'Art Ceramiche

Stroll through the small streets of Vietri sul Mare on Italy’s sparkling Amalfi coast, and you’ll find dozens of brightly tiled shops selling every conceivable item of beautiful hand painted ceramics. The popular styles, including fish, lemons and chickens have their own rustic charm, but we were instantly struck when we discovered a shop that really stood out from the crowd. Sol’Art Ceramiche.

Old meets new

Giovanni (Gio’) and Fabio are the artists behind this modern and innovative studio. While the brothers-in-law grew up with the traditional patterns that you’ll see all over Vietri, they believe art should evolve. And ceramics are no exception.

Their respect for tradition combined with their raw creativity has led to a range unlike anything else. Just as an innovative chef can transform a humble meal into something more memorable, these two creative locals have elevated the craft to an artform.

The Sol’Art style

The artists are inspired by the vivid colours and textures of their beautiful home town of Vietri. Tourists flock to the Amalfi Coast’s clifftop towns and sparkling blue seas, but Gio’ and Fabio are drawn to other sights. A lemon ripening in the sun. A planted terrace overflowing with flowers. A shimmering catch of freshly landed seafood. And their painting reflects this in its energetic, colourful glory.

Many of the pieces feature the Sol’Art signature swirl, using the abstract pattern as a starting point for imaginative decoration. They say the shape typically represents life and the need for continuity. We love the idea, and we’re sure other people have their own interpretations that are just as emotional.

Beautiful and functional

Every item is hand painted in Gio and Fabio’s studio, which doubles as the shop front. While they are hugely skilled and meticulous with each brush stroke, the inevitable small variations only add to the charm and uniqueness of each piece.

The artists are skilled enough to create purely decorative pieces. But there’s something enchanting about using such a beautiful piece at meal times. These items will be used for years and handed down through generations. Each will inspire rich memories of family meals and big occasions. That’s something we’re certain Giovanni and Fabio are very proud to play their part in.