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Generations of the Ranieri family have followed in each others footsteps to perfect the best possible extra virgin olive oil. Olives are carefully grown, harvested and pressed, with centuries of expertise making sure every step maximises quality. 

In their own words, what stands out about the company is ‘the great care and attention given to the product, the passion for every single detail, the ongoing search for fine, select oils.’ We couldn’t agree more.

Heritage and innovation

Established back in 1711, this family business has had a long time to hone their craft. Riccardo and Raoul are the 9th and 10th generation of Ranieris to build on their ancestors' knowledge. While each new family member has added a few technological improvements of their own, generations past would still recognises the artistry that turns the carefully nurtured fruits into bottles of liquid gold. 

The result of this history? A real respect for authentic flavour, combined with all the modern tools that allow them to guarantee quality.

The green hills of Umbria

The Ranieri family really care about the healthy lifestyle that good olive oil promotes. They keep any processing to an absolute minimum to preserve the flavour and nutrition of their olives.

Their oils come from a mix of traditional Italian varieties, including Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Coratina and Agogia. The ancient trees they grow on have adapted perfectly to the conditions of the region. The low-acidity, fruity green olive oil is very much a product of the soil – Umbria’s weather allows slow ripening of the fruit for maximum quality and a robust taste.

Versatile in the kitchen

With the overwhelming amount of choice available these days, it’s hard to find an extra virgin olive oil you can depend on time after time. That’s what makes Ranieri so special.

By drawing on their history and taking advantage of new technologies, they’ve created a fine balance between tradition and innovation. They know with absolute certainty that whenever someone opens a bottle of their oil, the taste will be exquisite.

Of course, they’ve won awards, and have numerous certifications to prove the quality – but they know it’s the flavour that really matters. And soon you will too.