Andrea Milano

Vinegar that’s good enough to drink. That’s not quite what Nicola Milano set out to do when he acquired his license for making vinegar in 1889. Back then, his goal was much simpler – all he wanted to do was to make the best balsamic vinegar in the world. And they were already well on their way to achieving that when his son Andrea took over the business – although they didn’t stop there. Having carefully developed their unique tastes and techniques over the last century and a half, the Milanos are now fusing old traditions with innovative ideas to create something totally new. Vinegar that’s so good, you can drink it.

Family Secrets

Nicola and his son Andrea were very much on to something when they started out. They collected all the best raw ingredients from the best regions around Italy and preserved ancient flavours by combining them with distinctly modern techniques. And they were proud of it, too. So proud, in fact, that Andrea decided to put his name on it. 

Over 130 years and 5 generations later, the secrets remain in the family with Fabio and Marcello, the 5th generation of Milanos dedicated to improving their craft. They may have replaced their old chipboard barrels with modern acetifying machines, but you can still taste the history in absolutely every drop.

Coming from somewhere special

Italy. Andrea Milano’s vinegars are the epitome of Truly, Madly, Deeply Italian. To start with, they are all fermented in beech barrels at their factory in Modena – the spiritual home of balsamic vinegar. But that’s not all. The fruit used to make their vinegar is 100% Italian too – the sweetest apples from the Trentino di Adige region, grapes from local farmers. And then, perhaps the most important part of the process. The wait for the vinegar to mature.

Drinking Vinegar

So let’s get to the crux of it then! Some vinegars are for drinking. And they’re delicious. Drink straight, dilute with some water, or even mix in to an exceptionally fancy cocktail. Each flavour of vinegar has a unique profile – from the acidic sweetness of Pomegranate to the mellow, earthy taste of traditional balsamic. Of course, these drinking vinegars can also be used more traditionally in your cooking and at your table. 

And it's good for you

We’ve known just how good vinegar is for a long while. As far back as the Ancient Greek period, vinegar was being used to clean wounds and treat a variety of illnesses. It’s a natural source of pro-biotics, designed to keep your gut healthy – and the DETOx range does this particularly well thanks, in part, to Andrea Milano’s base, the Mother of Vinegar. As if that’s not enough, a number of studies have shown that different types of vinegar can help to regulate normal body processes. They are helpful in maintaining blood-sugar levels, limiting cholesterol, and even helping you lose weight!