We just had to share this rather clever poem in celebration of Pesto with you called ‘The Pestoration’. We are very grateful to Paul Walton, a master of New Brand Poetry, for sending it to us.

The Pestoration

Allora, ragazzi,
You have a little hunger?
Well you’re no Columbi – you can’t have travelled far.
So genovate your palettes,
And pimp up primavera:
Crush garlic, salt pine nuts, blend Basil,
With two noble cheeses – both alike in dignity
To wrestle and pestle in Ligurian oil.
Then will I spoon in and swoon up your pasta,
Drizzle con brio across butterflied breasts;
Get clammy with clams
Upgrade that ciabatta
Bring zip to your pizza,
Lounge in lasagne and access all areas.
And just when you think you know me,
I’ll lead your mash astray, spike your meatballs
And be the ultimate trofie wife.
Welcome to the Condominium of Sacla’ !