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The Sacla' Way

Three generations of the Sacla' family have shaped our cultural roots.

It all started in Asti over seventy years ago. Inspired by the bounty of amazing food grown in Piemonte in North West Italy, the company’s founders were compelled to share it with the world. From humble beginnings of vegetable canning, we’ve blossomed into one of Italy’s most progressive food companies, devoted to the making of the finest of Italian foods.

We follow traditional Italian recipes using only the freshest ingredients and, naturally, we make all our products in Italy.

We’ve long held a real respect for tradition, honouring the wisdom of age-old techniques in growing and preserving vegetables. That means understanding and following the rhythm of the seasons whenever we possibly can.

Since the start we’ve been making food with care, flair and love, bringing the passion, flavours and spirit of Italy into kitchens and dining tables around the world.