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Roast Chicken with Sacla' Sun-Dried Tomato Paste

Serves: 4, On the table in: Over 60 Minutes

  • whole chicken (Medium)
  • 1 x jar Sacla' Sun-Dried Tomato Paste 190g or Tomato & Chilli Paste if you like a kick
  • 1 x lemon quartered
  • 4 x qhole garlic cloves
  • sprig of fresh rosemary
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Preheat your oven to Gas Mark 6/400'F/200'C

Stuff the chicken with the lemon, garlic cloves and rosemary.

Thickly brush the skin of the chicken with Sacla' Sun-Dried Tomato Paste and roast for 1 ½ - 2 hours until the juices run clear. (Cooking times may vary - Follow instructions on label for exact timings).

For a delicious accompaniment, toss roasted vegetables like potatoes and carrots in Sacla' Classic Basil Pesto just before serving. Buonissimo!

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